November & December Ipsy Bags

Between finals, graduating, and beginning my full time job, I managed to let my November Ipsy slip my mind.  And with it being the last week of December, I’ve almost forgotten this one too. So I figured I would quickly break down the products received and a mini review of them all.

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How to Transition to a Self-Hosted Blog

I recently progressed my blog from a free one hosted at and moved it over to a self-hosted site. Before the move, I had so many questions and took several weeks to research and put this project into action. After publishing my new site, I had a subscriber ask me to publish a post about this transition (thank you Kimberly Starr; I hope you find this helpful!) I want to share some tips to help those of you bloggers who are considering transitioning to your own domain and give a little advice to make your move happen flawlessly! This is also a great resource for complete blogging newbs 😉

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What I Love About December & The Holidays

I think it’s fairly safe to say that the holiday season is everyone’s favorite time of the year. My favorite part is all of the preparation that goes into celebrating this holiday season. I thought I would take a few minutes to reflect on what I love the most about December and include my favorite holiday and Christmas things. Normally I start a little earlier [aka the week of Thanksgiving], but I had my last round of finals for my Paralegal program last week. Now that those are finished and I’ve graduated a second college program, I can finally dive into my usual holiday prep. View Post

Free Christmas/ Holiday Wallpapers!

I was super excited to participate in Blogmas this year; however, finals and poor planning have brought that to a halt! I will be having holiday themed posts between now and Christmas, but I have no idea if I can get all 25 done on time.


To jump start the holidays, I have created a few holiday themed wallpapers for your desktop and phone backgrounds. I tried to keep them simple, and may add more as we get closer to Christmas. This is my first set of freebies, so please be gentle on me!

I would love to get some feedback and suggestions! Please reach out if you have any.

To browse my gallery and download your holiday wallpapers, please click the link here: The Kristin Review Holiday Wallpapers 2016! (yes, they’re 100% free!)

Enjoy, & Merry Christmas!